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The Story of how Statement was founded- Jim and his Blessing to me

Jim was more than just a co-owner; he was the embodiment of a successful business owner. Our paths crossed through the introduction of a mutual friend, and little did I know that this encounter would alter the course of my entrepreneurial voyage forever.

At that time, I was knee-deep in the throes of launching a mobile detailing business. I had been struggling to get it off the ground and that's when Jim, a seasoned entrepreneur, stepped into my life. He came bearing a gift – a book titled "Rich Dad Poor Dad." As I delved into its pages, I found myself captivated by the world of entrepreneurship and financial independence.

Our journey together began when he became the first (and only) client of my mobile detailing business (which you can't even call it that, but business is the only word I could come up with). Jim became more than a mentor; he became a close friend and confidant.

As I reflect on those early days, I can't help but recognize the profound impact Jim had on me. He didn't just teach me the ropes of entrepreneurship; he changed the way I see the world. He showed me that kindness and generosity have no bounds when it comes to supporting someone's dreams.

Around a year after Jim had successfully sold his business, he approached me with an offer. He said boredom had crept into his life, and the itch for something new and exciting needed scratching. Looking back, I now realize that Jim had seen something in me and was willing to put up capital in what he saw.

In his usual charismatic manner, Jim proposed an idea – why not venture into the world of landscaping? He didn't just suggest it; he backed it up with seed money to kickstart the journey. It was an offer I couldn't refuse. Here was a successful individual with great values who had no obligation, no ulterior motive, to invest in my dreams. Yet, he did just that. His belief in me, his willingness to bless me with not only his guidance but also the resources to kickstart our landscaping venture, altered the course of my life.

Jim didn't stop at just providing capital. He actively contributed for a couple of years, handling the intricate world of computer work. It was a team effort, one that paved the way for our landscaping business to take off. And to this day, he is who I go to for my hardest conversations, perspectives, and true wisdom.

Jim's generosity and mentorship left an indelible mark on me. It shaped not only my approach to business but also my perspective on life itself. I realized that the world is full of kind-hearted individuals who, without any obligation, extend their hand to lift others up.

This realization has become a guiding principle in my own entrepreneurial journey. I make it a mission to pay forward the kindness I received from Jim. Within my own business, I passionately preach entrepreneurship to my employees, encouraging them to dream big and explore their potential.

To further their growth, I provide them with tools like Audible subscriptions, offering access to a world of knowledge and inspiration. But beyond that, one of my core goals is to invest in their futures. I hope to one day have the financial means to help my most promising employees kickstart their own ventures and I will try to fill the role as well as Jim has.

In essence, I owe Jim an immeasurable debt of gratitude. He took a chance on a farm kid working a city job and changed the trajectory of my life. His generosity has inspired me to strive for a future where I can empower others just as he empowered me. I hope to keep Jim's legacy alive in the way I treat my employees and in the dreams we collectively nurture.

Thanks Jim!

Stay hungry out there.

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