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Founder and Owner, Ted Ross- Thoughts on the last 6 Years of Statement.

If anyone has actually taken the time to read through my personal perspective of the history of Statement; you have to be wondering, "What in the hell is he doing? He lost a close friendship, he is putting a ton of stress on his wife and family, and he even admits he is personally stressed constantly by it, too. Why doesn't he just read the writing on the wall and give up?"

Trust me. I have thought about it. Been very close many times. There are many components to this answer. I think the most boiled down answer is, I am selfish. Let me try to explain why being selfish is not really as bad as its made out to be by society and probably something more people should adopt. I think it would create a better world.

1. I am selfish in that- I enjoy helping customers.

2. I am selfish in that- I enjoy coaching my employees on basic money/entreprenueship concepts that are not taught in schools.

3. I am selfish in that- I want to set an example for my sons of "What working through the hard times" actually means.

4. I am selfish in that- I actually believe that if I don't quit, I will eventually figure it out and provide abundantly for my family.

5. I am selfish in that- I believe there are very few people in society that are actually worthy of emulating and I want to be that for my kids.

6. I am selfish in that- I believe pressure creates growth.

7. I am selfish in that- I believe if I am bored, nothing good comes from it.

8. I am selfish in that- I love to work and to accomplish hard things.

9. I am selfish in that- thinking this way is a net positive to our family and to society as a whole.

Nothing good is easy and nothing easy is good.

Where I have failed absolutely miserably is in communication. I blame my schedule, I blame my wife, I blame my employees... that's all bullshit and I am going to get out of this victim mentality I have found myself in.

I am working on several systems that will be put in my calendar to make sure that there is specific times set apart to have frequent discussions on how things are going. Next, I just need to lead and set the vision with solid, measurable steps that are taking us in the direction as a family and as a business that we want to go.

I have lost a lot of credibility with several people and they're not wrong. I just hope that they can find it in themselves to let me earn that respect back. I have a lot of work to do..

Stay Hungry.

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