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Statement Lawn, Year 4- Overwhelmed

The year marked a significant chapter in the growth of my business, characterized by an expansion of the team and a focus on securing more landscaping contracts. As we delved deeper into the landscaping realm, the contracts got bigger, and the stakes were higher. It was an exciting time, but the challenges that followed tested not just the business but my leadership skills.

Undoubtedly, the team needed to grow to match the expanding workload. However, the post-COVID labor market was thin, making it a struggle to find and retain quality hires. The perpetual understaffing issue created an atmosphere where everyone was stretched thin, and even when new hires came onboard, they didn't stick around for long.

Attempting to keep morale high amidst the challenges was like walking a tightrope. Communication became a casualty as I found myself juggling a multitude of tasks. The urgency of getting things done took precedence, and in the process, I inadvertently left my employees to navigate their roles without the guidance they needed.

This was the year my leadership shortcomings became glaringly apparent. The few dedicated individuals in the team were not receiving the communication and support they deserved. The workload was overwhelming, and I failed to provide the necessary structure for success.

Despite the evident leadership gaps, we managed to keep the business running, and the revenue reached $358,000. It was a bittersweet victory—proof that the business was resilient. The lessons I wish I learned during this challenging period should have been the the catalyst for a renewed focus on effective communication, team support, and the development of a robust organizational structure in the years to come. I am dumb and kept pushing it to the back-burner..

Stay Hungry.

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